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Sunrise Medical Equipment & Oxygen Inc. carries the medical industry’s top name brand medical equipment and supplies. We offer supplies for a range of businesses in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL, area, such as small and medium businesses, schools and daycares, service companies, doctor’s offices, and government agencies.

One of the pieces of medical equipment that we offer is the ZOLL AED. Learn more about this equipment and how important it is for your property.

About the ZOLL AED

An automated external defibrillator is an important piece of medical equipment for any property, and a ZOLL AED is a trusted and reliable product that anyone can use from medical professionals to lay responders.

ZOLL offers a variety of defibrillators, including the AED Plus, the fully automatic AED Plus, and the AED Pro. Each of these defibrillators has different features that make them suitable for different properties:

  • AED Plus. This defibrillator does more than deliver an electric shock via electrodes. It also provides feedback for performing CPR in the form of voice prompts and text.

  • Fully Automatic AED Plus. This machine is similar to the AED Plus with an extra kick: it delivers the shock automatically once it detects a rhythm. It analyzes the heart rhythm and prompts responders to stop touching the patient so the machine can take over.

  • AED Pro. This defibrillator offers the same CPR assistance as the others and filters artifacts on the ECG monitor so responders can accurately gauge the heart rhythm.

No matter what kind of business you run, one of these ZOLL AEDs will suit your needs. They can also be installed in your home or on other personal property.

About Sunrise Medical Equipment & Oxygen Inc.

From our location in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL, area, we can ship medical equipment, including the ZOLL AED, nationwide. Whether you would like to purchase or to rent equipment, contact us today so we can set you on the right track. You can reach us by phone at 855-749-4420.