If you have a hard time getting around, then a power chair might be the answer for you. At Sunrise Medical Equipment & Oxygen Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, we provide a large variety of power chairs, including the Golden Tech power mobility chair. Discover for yourself the freedom that power chairs can bring to you.

Have Mobility Freedom With the Golden Tech Power Mobility Chair and Other Power Chairs

When a walker, cane, or wheelchair aren’t the right options for you, a power chair can be. A power chair is:

  • Motorized: That means you can get around without much effort on your part.
  • Comfortable: Power chairs come with various seating options, which means that you can relax and enjoy the view with a comfortable seat and backrest.
  • Supportive: With comfortable seating and customizable options for tilting and reclining, power chairs can help people with mobility issues or permanent disabilities.
  • Accommodating: Many power chairs come with storage baskets, which enables you to go out for long periods, as well as hold your needed supplies conveniently and safely.
  • Customizable: Power chairs come with a range of options for everything from your seats to your direction controls.

If you’re unsure which power chair is right for you, we encourage you to call us at Sunrise Medical Equipment & Oxygen Inc.

Why a Power Chair?

At Sunrise Medical Equipment & Oxygen Inc., we offer a wide range of power chairs for your specific situation. We only carry the best brands so you can get the best product for your needs, and we offer both renting and owning options to match your budget and situation. Also, we offer local delivery so you can have your power chair as soon as possible.

If you’re ready to rent or own a power chair, including our Golden Tech power chair, please call us at 855-749-4420 to schedule your appointment.

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